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Organic Coconut Butter

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Totally Nuts’ Coconut Butter is made from nothing but the flesh of dried coconut. We dehydrate the flaked coconut even more so that you get less water and more coconut in the jar. The result is an incredibly creamy, ultra-coconutty experience that is a versatile and essential part of your pantry! Note that it is a very different product to coconut oil, and generally cannot replace it – in the same way that peanut butter is not equivalent to peanut oil! Coconut butter is full of fibre from the flesh of the coconut, and therefore also has some natural sweetness and more taste to it than the coconut oil.

Use as a substitute for butter, or nut butters; add to smoothies; use as coffee creamer; add to curries and sauces in general…. The potential uses are endless! See our blog for other delicious ways to enjoy Totally Nuts Coconut Butter, and also a whole range of recipes using it.

Coconut butter will be naturally be quite hard, with a layer of coconut oil at the top. In winter and colder areas it will always be hard in the pantry. To soften and make it more buttery, simply put in a bowl of hot water (or a microwave, if you have one).


Ingredients: flaked coconut