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Good morning
I just wanted to say OMG I LOVE your organic activated nuts. I've never had these before.
I had no idea what eating raw nuts did to your system.
I put an order in 12th Oct and got the mixed nuts along with some nut butters (as a Xmas present).
WOW I did not expect the nuts to be that good. They are fantastic, super fresh and they taste like real nuts.
I'm totally blown away. So happy that I found you.
They are that good that I put in another order last night. (because the first lot is nearly all gone already hahaha)
Thank you so much for producing such a fantastic Aussie product. I will be sharing with everyone.
-Very Happy Customer, Vic

Dear Gemma,

thank you for your beautiful nuts delivery! And thank you for those extra ones! yay!:) so nice of you!

I've found your brand in local butcher store - Shiralee and then needed to google you, because they're so delicious and I was curious about your range. And can't wait to try nut butters as well.

Thank you for what you do and good luck with your business!




Hi Gemma,

Just want to let you know my 3 jars of macadamia butter arrived safely in good condition, way down south, south of Hobart in Tasmania. The butter is delicious. I activate my own organic pecan and macadamia nuts at home for myself. I wanted to try and get my hands on some macadamia butter as I don’t have the equipment to make it. Thank you for the information leaflet. Keep up your good work. Thanks heaps!
Kind regards,

Jacqueline Van Rooyen.



Hi Gemma,

Macadamia butter arrived today and - oh my god - amazing! I am addicted. Thank you so much!




Hi Gemma,

Thank you for sending out my order so quickly, they arrived safely today. I couldn't resist trying them immediately and I have to say they are superb! In fact I think they might just be the most delicious and nutritious snack of all time. I'm really glad I stumbled across your store.

Oh and thanks so much for the bonus 100g pack of mixed nuts, that was a nice surprise and I'm going to gift them on to a friend because I'm certain she will be as tickled as I am about the quality of your product. Hope you enjoy your weekend and I'll be back in the shop again on a regular basis!

Best regards,





Hello, We totally love your nuts.... thank you, they arrived yesterday. I love the look of them in my pantry in all the glass jars and they taste amazing. I hated nuts, would not eat any nut, no peanut butter or any type of chocolate that tasted like or had a nut in it... Totally nuts are so lovely and have made my nut experience so wonderful. My mother cannot believe it actually. Anyway. I have a question about the packaging for the nuts. I need to ask as I explore zero waste options for shopping. Is there an alternative to the plastic packaging? Can I send my packets back to have them refilled? Can we come to you and have our bags refilled? Just thinking about options and wondered what you thought.

Thank you



Hi Gemma,

Just want to leave you some feedback.  The yummy products arrived in mint condition.Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to securely pack the goodies.  The box that you packed the goodies in was tough and strong.  All the cardboard and bubble wrap that placed the goodies in was great, like a strong fortress, wow!  That’s for providing a receipt and the note with the sweet proverb or message.  Some business I’ve ordered goodies from online don’t include a invoice.  Keep up the good service.

Kind regards,




Having such a craving for this and honestly I look at other butters in stores and they just don’t compare. Yours are simply the best! I wish people would believe me when I tell them activated is the way to go but also that yours are just beautiful and creamy! I’ll be honest and tell you I use to buy a different brand but yours outdoes them leaps and bounds! So much smoother and creamier and always consistent! You can feel the love in each jar!! Haha!! 

AS (Sunshine Coast)