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-How long do you soak the nuts for?

     - Between 6 and 24 hours, depending on the nut. Cashews soak for a shorter time, otherwise they go slimy (not nice!!).

 - What temperature do you dry them at?

     - We keep our dehydrator between 45 and 52 degrees, depending on the nut. We tried it at 42 degrees but we found that anything under 45 and they go mouldy before they have time to get to that delicious utterly crunchy stage!

- Why don’t you roast them?

     - We don’t roast them because roasting nuts destroys their fats and proteins – so basically takes away a significant proportion of the nutrition that is in them! We get that crunchy texture and amazing taste just through dehydrating them for a very long time.



- How much does shipping cost?

  - That depends on where you live! NSW, Queensland, Victoria and ACT all have a flat rate of $9.90, no matter how large or small your order.

Tasmania, SA, WA and NT all have a flat rate of $9.90 for order under 5kg. And a flat rate of $17.00 for order over 5kg.

We also offer local pickup from our factory in Burleigh Heads.

- How long will my order take to arrive?

     - That also depends on where you live! We aim to pack and ship orders within two days from receiving them, or quicker if we can.

We are based on the Gold Coast, so orders from SE Queensland and northern NSW are freighted the same day or day after.

Sydney and surrounds are 1-2 days;

Melbourne and surrounds are 2-3 days;

Tasmania, NT, WA and SA are all 5-10 days.

- Do you ship to PO Boxes?

     - Yes.

- I didn’t receive a tracking number with my order confirmation. How do I get one?

     - Send us a message or call us (0406 266 469) and we will get it to you right away.

- How can you possibly ship glass jars of nut butter safely?

     - We wrap them very very carefully! Using paper and cardboard, we reckon we have mastered the art of shipping glass jars… (even without the use of any plastic!)

- What if my order is damaged when it arrives?

  - We ship everything out from our factory in perfect condition (otherwise the freight companies would not accept them). Any damage in transit is not our liability and any reparation we may make is entirely at our discretion. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.


- What products are Australian grown? Why don’t you have more Australian products?

     - Everything that we can source as Australian grown AND certified organic, we do – so our almonds, macadamias, pecans, sunflower seeds and sultanas are always Australian.  Some other nuts are grown in Australia but not organically. I know of one grower who is organic but does not grow enough nut to sell at wholesale prices, which makes it completely unrealistic for us economically.


Returns/ complaints

If you have any complaints about any of our products we really do want to know. If you have a complaint it means that something has gone amiss in our processing, and we need to know about that! So please get in touch (by email; on our contact form or by phone on 0406 266 469).  In order for us to accept any returns you must contact us within 7 days of receiving your order, and the product must be virtually intact. We will replace your purchase or return your payment if there is something wrong with the product. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.


Allergy information

Yes, all of our products contain nuts (!!!)

Although our nuts are stored separately, the storage tubs and dehydrator trays are not nut-specific, so they may have almonds in them one week and hazelnuts the next.

The following are not used in our factory, or on any of our equipment:

                   - peanuts

                   - soy

                   - dairy

                   - wheat or any gluten product