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Activated Nuts - yes they ARE better for you!

Activated nuts are easier to digest and more nutritious because the natural but indigestible parts of them have been broken down.

Premium Quality Organic Nuts and Food Australia

Organic Activated Nut Butters

Our range of activated nut butters are based on the principle that simple is best! With only minimal ingredients (well, except the chocolate one), you...

Our Unique Process

Not all activated nuts are the same! Different processes result in different products. Our unique activation process involves soaking the nuts or seeds with Himalayan Crystal Salt (which brings out the taste deliciously, as well as stimulating beneficial enzyme activity). They are then drained and rinsed in filtered water, then dehydrated at a LOW temperature until all the moisture has been gently dried out of them. The low temperature is very important - if nuts and seeds are exposed to high temperatures, like through roasting, their wonderful fats and proteins are denatured and cannot be used by our bodies as nutrition. And of course, we add a slice of Magic and a heap of Love to all that we do!