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These friendly little green seeds deserve their own article. For those of you, who have been shopping with us for years, know we sell a special kind of Pumpkin Seeds. For those of you, who are new to our business, let us tell you a bit more about this special seed.


Hundreds of years ago, this Styrian Pumpkin Seed variety originated through natural mutation in the Styrian region of Austria. These pumpkins have less flesh and more seeds. So farmers grow these Styrian Oil Pumpkins for the purpose of harvesting the seeds. Very economic! But that’s not the only reason these seeds have gained popularity. Styrian Pumpkin Seeds actually don’t have a husk and are often called “hull-less”. They don’t have the outer shell like all the other pumpkins seeds have. Styrian pumpkin seeds only have a very thin skin that is totally edible. So no mechanical or chemical processing is needed as they are ready to be snacked on as they are. 


These densely packed seeds are easily digestible and contain so much goodness. The characteristic dark green colour is showing the phytonutrients present in the oil. Styrian pumpkin seeds are well known to be beneficial for alkaline diets and being rich in antioxidants. And another great thing is that they are very high in tryptophan. This amino acid gets converted into niacin and serotonin. An important key player for sleep aid and making you feel good!


Could these seeds be even more generous? Yes! They also contain many vitamins such as vitamin A for immunity, vitamin B’s for metabolism, vitamin E for healthy skin and vitamin K for healing and healthy bone tissue. And one (of many other) minerals we would like to highlight is the mineral iodine. It’s important to get enough iodine through your diet as it plays an important role in your thyroid health. Which is responsible for tasks such as hormone production. 


Good thing the Styrian Pumpkin Seed is an all rounder when it comes to culinary use too. We love combining them with other seeds like hemp, sesame and sunflowers and sprinkle this as a Salad Topping mix over freshly made garden salads. They can easily be used for simple homemade crackers, blended in your green breakfast smoothie or use as garnish over soup and veggies.

Although Styrian Pumpkin seeds seem to be imported from all around the world these days, we love getting ours from Austria. Just so you know :)



Organic Activated Pumpkin Seeds (Styrian) – Totally Nuts!


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