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Chocolate recipe

This is the recipe we stay with and is the basis for the chocolates we sell at the weekly Miami markets. You can add yummy ingredients as per your pantry and inspiration (I’ve included some suggestion at the end)

Cacao butter                         115g

Cacao powder                      45g

Coconut sugar* 80g

Vanilla extract                       1 t

*substitute your preference of sweetener and reduce it as you choose – this amount makes quite a sweet chocolate.

For extra smoothness you can grind the coconut sugar in a Vitamix or equivalent – this does not change the taste of the chocolate, but makes it smoother and not at all granular.

Melt the cacao butter in a bowl over a pot of just simmering water.

Whisk the cacao powder and coconut sugar into the cacao butter.

Add the vanilla.

If adding ingredients, add them now. 

Pour onto a tray or into moulds and put in the fridge or freezer.


Recommended additions:

  • Nut Butter. We add pecan butter to the chocolate base, which makes for a super smooth, almost truffle like product. It is ridiculously good!
  • Fruit & Nut.Mix in some sultanas (or chopped dates, or cranberries) and chopped nuts of your choice – we like the combination of hazelnuts and sultanas.
  • Date boats. A bit more fiddly, but worth it! Cut dates in half and fill with the chocolate base. To make this one you can even leave out the sweetener in the recipe entirely since the dates give enough sweetness.
  • Chilli/ salt/ orange essence
  • There are many many more possibilities! Please let me know if you have one that is amazing and you would be happy to share with us!
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