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Organic Activated Brazil Nuts

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Our organic activated Brazil nuts are the best way to get your daily Selenium needs! These nutrient-dense nuts are the highest source of Selenium on the planet (that doesn't come from a laboratory) - 3 a day will give you all your daily requirement of this essential mineral. Brazils are also very high in Magnesium.

The Brazil nut tree is a testament to conservation and forest preservation. It only grows in preserved areas of the Amazon basin. If the forest is disturbed, the brazil nut tree cannot flower and fruit. The story reads as a forest version of a pyramid scheme. The flower is only pollinated by a particular species of bee, that has the necessary strength to list the heavy hood on the flower. They also have an extra long tongue that reaches to the hidden nectar.

These special bees depend on a particular type of orchid for their own reproduction. This orchid’s scent is irresistible to the female bees, who are then drawn to the flower where the males are waiting. Fortunately for the tree on which the orchid grows, the bees also pollinate their flowers as well as getting on with their own mating.

The orchid is a very sensitive plant. If loggers or farmers move into the forest, the orchid dies, the bees disappear, and the brazil nut tree cannot flower, produce fruit or those beautiful Brazil nuts that we love.

Our Brazil nuts come from either Bolivia or Brazil and are certified by IMOCert.